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Home Control

The Smarthome is where technology is used to make life easier and the home more effective to your needs. The idea being not only a technical home but one that actually anticipates your habits based on the envirionment you live in.

The technical home would for example allow you to play Brahms in the bathroom and Beethoven in the hall, but the smart home would know what temperature you set at different times of the day taking into account the weather conditions outside. It would learn from your day to day activity and project that for future use optimising the use of energy to your specific needs.

Examples would be:

Distributed audio

Distributed Audio

In short, play what you want, where you want it in your home. In pratice speaker systems, be they standalone or built-in can be divided into zones and then with simple controls you can play different content in these zones or bring them together. Today we have such a vast array of audio content be it radio from around the world, one of the online repositories like, Spotify,Deezer or even iTunes or tracks on your MP3 player iPod or smartphone, all of this content can he heard around the home.

Wireless and Web can design these systems either as a retro fit in an existing property or as part of a new build.

Multi-room Audio and Video


Multi-room is a way to share content and resources around the home. For example you have one bluray player and you like watching blurays, but you don't want to have a bluray player attached to each TV in the house. They take up space they don't match the design and of course all those cables!

Multiroom puts the majority of the cables in one place and all the devices can be shared from one place. So all you need in the room is a TV.

Temperature Control

Temperature Control

Approximiately 60% of energy costs in the average home is used by heating in one form or another, here that could be higher if you look at "Temperature Control" as you may include the air-conditioning or cooling in the summer. So having a simple way to only heat or cool rooms that are in use will have the greatest impact on your energy consumption.

Programable thermostats tend to be easy to miss-program and not to be looked at after that is done, not the greatest opportunity to opptimise energy usage. In the market there are many solutions available to allow remote control of heating some with learning capabilities so it can predict your needs and all with instant access via the web for easy management.

Lighting Control

Lighting Control

There have been huge advances in lighting technologies in recent years. Gone are the days of the incandescent light bulb which typically used only 5% of its energy to produce light and the rest was lost in heat. There have been stages inbetween but the latest technological lead is LED. Light can effect our well being in so many ways to and needs to be considered in how we design our living environments. Rooms have a multipurpose through out the day and the lighting should reflect this and designed so it can adapt to our changing requirements. This is not just true of our indoor spaces but also of the outdoor spaces so they can be enjoyed to their fullest.

Wireless and Web do not design lighting environments but help in establishing their control and how that interfaces with the user. We do have access to well established lighting design houses.

Room Control

Room Control

With all these technologies there is a need to have a simple interface. It is fine having all this choice of content but sadly they tend to come on a seperate device which tends to mean a seperate remote control or interface for each device. The easiest example is the humble TV which you may have Terrestrial TV, Satellite TV, Apple TV, a streaming box and bluray player there are universal remote solutions available but they can get out of sync with the device status. The scaleable approach is with a control system which can accommodate not just one room but multi-room environments, heating and lighting can be added as well.

These controllers are now apoting a route where you do not even their own remote and it can all be done with something familiar as your own smart phone.

Wimax 5GHz


Sadly Burgular alarms are an essential part of life on the Cote d'Azur if you own a villa, and will even effect the insurance premiums. The main purpose of an alarm in this part of the world is to protect you and the contents of the villa whilst you are there. Burgualries do happen when villas are not occupied but second hand fenced goods have little value there is more value when the villa is occupied. So we focus on systems to protect whilst the client is there as well as when vacated. Wireless and Web install Risco and Paradox alarms.