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The bulk of new devices come out with WiFi as their main form of connectivity. This is for convenience, you are not restricted to a point that is wired. There are no messy cables, add the access code and "away you go" or so we are led to believe. Unfortunately that is not always the case and the convenience can come at a cost.

If you have a single access point covering a relatively small area, generally things are pretty straight forward. If you are in a congested area with lots of neighbours all broadcasting WiFi signals or you want to extend the coverage of your own WiFi signal to cover greater areas of your property, that is where more know how is required. There are systems available that allow you to roam from base station seamlessly without dropping signal or locking to weaker base stations.
In short Wireless and Web can offer:

  • WiFi Network Design
  • Localised or remote Wireless Controllers
  • Centralised Management and reporting
  • Multiple SSID's to allow for guest networks and bandwidth prioritisation