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Structured Cabling

Is a standardised way of cabling that can accommodate many types of services. If you are rennovating your house or building new this should be an essential part of the design. In today's world we are more ever reliant on Internet based services and connectivity and this reliance will only grow. In the home the first part is getting your property connected and that is covered elsewhere. The next stage is distributing that hard earned connectivity around the home. This is where your structured cabling comes in - at this point the cry is heard "can't we use Wfi, and the answer is you can but if you want to build in the capacity put in cable. As a rule all TV points should have at least 1 network point and ideally all rooms an access point or close access to one. Wireless and Web still recommend for any video application using cable and of course the same cable can be used for othe applications such as voice or even multi-media extenders.

Structured cabling is very simple in concept and can be adapted where there are existing cable routes. So even if you are not doing a total rewire the existing conduits can be used or by adapting the existing cabling. Unfortunately this is not always possible because of construction limitations but this is where our experience at Wireless and Web comes into play and the best fit solution for your property will be presented.